Saturday, April 17, 2004

Well i just had the worst fucking weekend of my vacation. on friday i had to go to boston, so i had to miss the damn lacrosse game, then i came home did shit, went to bed then today i got fucking arrested! i was riding my dirtbike on the road and some son of a bitch asshole motherfucker called the cops on his cell phone and had the westport police go to christies country store. As i was walking out of chrisies with my box of mike and ikes the cops approached me and asked if this was my motorcycle. i said yes so i wouldnt get screwed, it obvously didnt have a licence plate or wasent regestered so the cops were pissed off. the son of a bitch guy that called the cops on me said that i was going 65 in a 25 zone and he said i ran a stop sign (which i fucking didnt) so the cops were more pissed about that, on top of i was operating a vehicle without a licence or permit. So the cops asked all of the information and put it into their computer and made a new record for patrick Govern age 15 fairfield, Ct. The cops were pretty chill; they said to take the bike home and dont ride it on the road and when i turn 16 or 18 my record will be deleted. so my mom was so pissed off and my dad thought it was pretty funny. well peace

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